Hooray! We are a SFEDI Centre

You need to know abut SFEDI – The National Skills Movement for Enterprise

SFEDI (www.sfedi.co.uk) is the Government recognised UK Standards Setting Body for Business Support and Business Enterprise. Run by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, SFEDI researches leading practice, sets standards, principles and guidelines.

Founded in 1996 their main role is to develop national occupational standards which act as:

  1. A set of tools to help anyone thinking about starting their own business, starting their business enterprise or growing their business enterprise
  2. A set of tools for anyone who is offering business advice and support to small business enterprises
  3. A framework for the development of awards and qualifications in business support and enterprise
  4. A benchmark of best practice in the world of small business support and enterprise development

SFEDI is one of the most positive steps toward creating and developing entrepreneurial spirit in our society.  A great set of tools, courses and networks for anybody setting out on their own, changing careers or starting up a business with others.

Talk to us about SFEDI qualifications.

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